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Carpet Cleaning

These are starting prices only. They do not include additional services, such as deep cleaning or pet urine treatment.

One or Two Areas

  • An area refers to carpeting only. Carpet cleaning includes a pre-vacuum, cleaning chemical application, and a hot water extraction. One room is considered no larger than 400 sq ft. If a room is larger than 400 sq ft, it may be priced as two rooms.


Three Areas


Four Areas


Five Areas


Six Areas


Seven Areas


Eight Areas


Hallways and Closets


Stairs (horizontal steps)


Stairs (horizontal steps and vertical backs)


Upholstery Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning

All upholstery cleaning prices listed do not include additional services, such as pet treatment or excessively soiled areas.


Love Seat Cleaning


Sectional Cleaning




Kitchen or Dining Chairs

$12 each


Large Rugs

Disclaimer: The preferred method to clean rugs is in a rug water pit and dried in a controlled climate. These prices are only for in-home hot water extraction cleaning.  Rugs at least 100 sq ft are considered large rugs.

$1 per sq ft

Small Rugs and Runners

$1.25 per sq ft

Pet Urine Treatment

Topical Pet Treatment (Additional Service) Estimated price range

Pet treatment consists of a topical molecular breakdown to rid carpet of urine.

up to $60 per room

Topical Pet Treatment with scrub (Additional Service)

up to $70 per room

Deep Clean

Carpet Scrub (Additional Service)

A deep clean includes a scrub of carpet to maximize soil extraction embedded within the carpet. 

$25 per room


Red Spot Removal (Additional Service)

Red Spot removal consists of a heat transfer to eliminate the cause of the spot. Prices start at $10 per area. No charge if spot does not come out. 

Inspection required

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Ceramic and porcelain tile – Residential

.65 per sf

Grout Seal

.28 per sf